SBS "Plat du Tour" travel cooking show with Guillaume Brahimi.

SBS "Guillaume's Paris" travel series show.

TF1 "Familles Nombreuses" reality show ENG.

TF1 "Star Academy" hub broadcast A1 sound mixer.

HGTV Leopard Film "house hunters international"

BBC documentary "Karl Lagarfeld" ENG Paris.



"Love Island" amazone reality show  produced in Malta for ITV

"UB soft corporate films"  zoom remote interviews on location in France.

France 2 Tele Matin show ENG Field recording.

HGTV Leopard Film "house hunters international"



"Love Island" amazone reality show  produced in cape town SA.

"wine experts" travel doc show for ALIFAC prodcutions USA.

Multiple projects for production services in France for The Paris Bureau productions

Corporate films for DOM DOP production in France

"UB soft corporate films"  zoom remote interviews on location in France.




Multiple projects for production services in France: Wecando  productionsand The Paris Bureau

Corporate films for DOM DOP production in France

Teaching for univercity 3IS in the Paris region. ENG audio work and configurations.



"A vous de voir Chris Downey" ducumentary for France TV shot in the San Francisco CA.

"House Hunters International" for Leopard films/HGTV in France

"Scenic Cruses" corporate films in Germany and Holland

Multiple projects for production services in France: Wecando and The Paris Bureau




"French presidential elections" multiple shoots for CNN international

"House Hunters International" for Leopard films/HGTV

"Scenic Cruses"  films  doc series for australian TV

"Secret Story" Endemol France TF1

Multiple projects for production services in France: Wecando and The Paris Bureau



"Paris POLO BIKE" for Red Bull TV west4 media productions

"House Hunters International" for Leopard films/HGTV (in France and Germany)

"Scenic Cruses" corporate films   in Bordeaux

"Secret Story" for Endemol France  Big brother show

"Pere Magloire Calvados" corporate films for Saners UK

"Dior Fashon week Paris" for Channel 4 UK




"Paris attack" news work for VICE NEWS

"Jean Nouvelles creative" documentary for Ten80 productions UK

"House Hunters International" for Leopard Films NY 5 episodes

"Secret Story" Endemol France TF1

"Microsoft corporate films" in Paris



"The one that got away"  ENG tv shoot/reality doc

"International House Hunters"  HGTV/Leopard Films ENG shoot

"Secret story" Endemol France Broadcasty live mix

"Matinales" France2 TV ENG shoot



"Qui veux épouser mon fils?"  Starling productions France ENG shoot

Broadcast live mixing  for Euromedia/Endemol France  "Secret story"

ENG and mixer for Louis Vuiton corporate films.

"un aire de famille" fremental productions france ENG shoot


ENG Sound engineer and consultant for French production Studio 89 for "YOLO" TV show



ENG Sound engineer for MTV House of Style in Paris For Fashon week 2012



ENG sound engineer for Endemol on star academy show NRJ12 channel.



Live mix feed sound engineer for Endemol France thu EUROMEDIA broadcating.

Mix, Audio networking, intercom network... Working for them for 7years nox in Paris

2012 sound engineer on TV series "Lignes de vies" for France 2 TV.

Sound configurations, pre mix, all on Cantar X.



Audio project manager for reality tv show "une nouvelle chance" for NRJ12

audio configuration SNG and ENG, multi track recording, and comunications systems.


Live broadcast mixing for reality big brother show "Secret Story" for Endemol TF1


ENG shoot for Shine Australia on Australias next top model.


ENG and SNG configuration for Avon voices and Intero madia.

Voice recordings for new talent serch. 



ENG shoot for Stroberry production california 2010


live mixing and ENG configuration Endemol on "La ferme célébrité" for TF1

Mixing live audio broadcast feed and ENG booming in south africa.


Sound engineer for Ten 80 on divers productions in France. 



ENG sound man on the Tour de France for Versus HD.



sound engineer for Endemol on "Star academy" for TF1.

Mixing live audio broadcast feed and ENG booming.



Sound engineer for stella productions on documentary for France 3

"L'orangeraie" 52 mn long documentary shoot in Israel. 



Sound engineer for Endemol and Euromedia on "Secret story"

Mixing live audio feed for big brother concept show. still freelancing on this production



Sound engineer ENG for , Disney, Monrgan Productions, COM Video in Paris France

Freelance sound man on divers productions: documentaries, TV reports, commercial presentations…



Sound engineer on documentary for CERRAVHIS productions in Palestine

Two months shooting in Palestine and Israel for a French production.



In Charge of sound production and Post Production for “Hard Color Producciones” in Spain


Sound man, mixer editor, and technical coordination on institutional video and presentations for Spanish companies and TV channels.  



Sound engineer for CERAVIS Productions on documentary Film “Israel le Deuxieme Front”

Sound operator for Jacqueline Gesta. Working, in the month of May



Freelance productions for institutional Films, company films, commercial presentations... in Spain

production, editing, narrations and DVD production for various companies requiring of video presentations.

Coverage of news reports for 2CS productions and Onda6 TV in Madrid.    



Sound Operator for W9 productions (Paris) for real TV Show “Les Colocataires”

Sound operator on set for the whole time of production with Visual TV France for four months



Video Reports for Bolland Productions, French, Spanish and US television.

Cameraman Intervews for Intenet-television.tv, For the Show “Mots en Scene” with jurnalist Leonore Contran. Reports for Bowlind Productions, Strikes and demonstrations in Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam and union confrontations in Europe...



Audio-Video Technician on a documentary in the USA, Burkina Faso Israel, Palistine, French Guyana...

“M” of Eric Nebot, “The Spred of Zebra musels” for Chuck Bolland , . “Les Souvenantes” documentary film made in Israel by Jacqueline Gesta, “Ma Folie Ma Libertée” by Michel Linas in Bourkina Faso


Audiovisual Technician for Auvitec, ADS, Palais des Congrès (conferences centers) in Paris an Versailles.

Sound equipping conference halls and amphitheatres for video presentations, in charge of accommodating a wide variety of major companies and organizations (Euro RSCG, Alice Evénements, Riverview Inc, Euro PCR, Microsoft Conference…)

[I work on a free-lance basis]


Post-Production Technician at VCF for Planete and Seasons chanels (Group Multithematiques, France)

conformation and mixing (?) on the systems Fairlight MFX 3, DBV 910 and Yamaha Console 02R.

Post-Production at VCF for FRANCE 2 (public television)

Recording narration and sound mixing for the program “Dimanche Midi Amar” just before air time.




Post-Production Technician at VCF for the series “Wishline”

Recording narration, editing and mixing on Yamaha DCM 1000 and the Avid System.


Radio Technician

From January, 1995 to august 1996, responsible for on-air transmission as well as producing and presenting elements of programming at the station CFM (affiliate of RTL) in Cayenne, French Guyana.










Video Camera Operator: multicam, news, magazine, fiction

Working with Beta SP, DV Cam, Sony Beta SX, DV CAM, Ikegami HL7, SonyPD 150 Mini DV…



Diploma: Production Assistant following an intensive two-year course at the SCHOOL OF AUDIO ENGINEERING

This included training in:

Audio Technique


Peripheral equipment


Digital Applications

Multi-track Recording Techniques (Yamaha 02R, Mackie 1604 and 8 bus, NEVE VR Legend)

Digital Editing on hard disc (sound designer and pro tools)



Spanish courses at the School: “Alliance Française” in Madrid

One year of studies in Spanish.


I have a good general knowledge of computers: Windows 98, 2000, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Mac OS,